If you’re seeking connection with others on the journey to your own best self, please join one of my classes.



Classes & Workshops

Don’t miss the opportunity to share with others while learning concepts and processes in an interactive, safe, and caring environment.

Participants are encouraged to create connections and support each other outside of the workshop either individually, or by forming Master Mind groups. My private class pages on Facebook also offer a safe environment for receiving support, encouragement and connection after taking a class.

Classes vary by season. All materials are included, so you simply need to bring enthusiasm and a willingness to start your journey toward becoming your own best self!

Many of my clients begin with a workshop or group and then move into personal coaching sessions. Others stick with group sessions alone. It’s your choice.


Coming Soon

Look for these upcoming workshops soon. Sign up for News & Updates below to be notified when the doors open.

  • What “The Secret” Left Out (the other Universal Laws Revealed)
  • Recognizing and Releasing Your Fear
  • What Again?!? Letting Go of Old Habits – Choosing to Change
  • Conscious Creation Vision Board Workshop
  • Conscious Creation Journaling Groups
  • Finding Connection with Source During Troubling Times

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