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Before I learned the truth about the perfection of just BE-ing in each moment, I spent unproductive days and weeks and even years wishing for things to happen in my future. But, here’s the thing. The future never arrives! What you think of as the future will be the present tomorrow.

Today is the only day where I can have an effect on anything. And this minute is the only minute over which I have ANY influence. We’ve all heard, “Don’t spend your time in the past or the future.” As overworked and boring as that sounds, it’s really true. The ONLY time I can experience what I want and be who I want is NOW. This very moment.

If I want to be trim and healthy, I need to BE that – right now. I need to take the actions, have the underlying beliefs and enjoy my own healthy body NOW, no matter what (actual) shape it is currently. To have the trim healthy body I’d like to have in the future, I need to enjoy and experience feeling good about the one I’m living in right now.

My time to exercise, drink lots of water and eat the kinds of healthy foods that a trim healthy person does is NOW. Today. Right THIS moment.  In order to become the person I want to BE, I must BE that person now. I need to just BE happy and BE trim and BE healthy in all the ways I can imagine I could be in the future  – and do it all TODAY.  Right NOW.  It doesn’t help at all to wait until later.

If you’ve spent years like me, looking towards that “someday” when everything will be exactly as you want it to be, please let me invite you to reconsider your plan. Make a decision right now. Choose just one thing you’ve always wanted to change about yourself. Begin now. Start to BE the thing you want to change. Now. In this very moment. 

Begin to see yourself in the “did it” place in your mind’s eye. Feel yourself being there. Imagine vividly how good it feels, how proud you are of yourself for having accomplished that one thing. Right now when you have the ability to do it (because you can’t do it in the future after all), take just one small action that shows the Universe you’re serious about BE-ing that new person you’re imagining.

Here’s the Formula:  Concentrated thoughts about being where you want to be + intense positive emotions about already being there + consistent small daily actions toward the thing you desire


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