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Your previous experiences and relationships do not define you in this moment, nor do they predict your future success or life path. What defines you is what you desire now – the most important insight for finding your place in the world.


Have the life you’ve always dreamed of

When we start working together, we’ll figure out what you truly want and use easy concepts to move you from merely dreaming to actually reaching your desired goals. The changes you want will happen more quickly and easily than you can imagine.

You have infinite possibilities within you. I’d love to help you uncover the ones you want to create right now. Let’s start manifesting the life you really want.

Since coaching isn’t a one-time fix, my services are priced in 6-session or 12-session packages. The first 20-minute discovery consultation is at no charge to you so we can make sure we’re a good coaching fit.


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What People are Saying

“Inspiration and Encouragement”

“You, lovely lady, radiate energy that motivates and drives people to step up to their best. You feel like someone who has tapped into the framework that undergirds this beautiful change we're inventing while raising up your community to the higher standard of Being, and inspiring others to connect with their gifts and magic along the way. You inspire and encourage all of us to shine in a very real way!”

Amanda Wolf-Hara

“Compassion and Integrity”

“Peggy helped me discover the mental blocks of self-doubt that prevented me from seeing opportunities to create success with the skills I have. Rather than merely identifying these blocks, she gave me tools and processes to work my way through them. Peggy gave me permission to discover my deepest gifts in my own time and space. Because she actively listens, she kept me focused on what I wanted my life and business to be, instead of on what I didn’t want. Rather than handing me solutions, she allowed me to create my own path to success. Peggy coaches with compassion and integrity, and I highly recommend her to anyone ready to move into their highest purpose.”

Suzanne Gochenouer



“You must make an appointment with Peggy. She is a very skilled listener. She uses that skill to ask questions that open up a new perspective to the theme you are pondering. You will see more clearly after you talked to her. Believe me!”

Manuela Rohr

"Honest Feedback"


“If you need someone to listen honestly and without judgement and to give real and thorough feedback, this is the gal for you!”

Becca Panther-Ladd

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