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I’m passionate about acting as a catalyst for positive change and deep soul connection in the world. And I believe that happens one person at a time.

My Story

Where It All Began

Having grown up as an only child on an isolated Ohio farm, attending school where my parents taught (12 miles from our home) and finding my best friends to be the characters in my library books, it’s no wonder I enjoy working with “outsiders” like myself. I’m an extrovert who was nurtured to be an introvert – so no matter your style – I get you!

I understand the internal unspoken need to stand on the sidelines and watch others – feeling that I somehow didn’t have the necessary “magic” to fit in! I’ve asked the same questions my clients have asked. I’ve spent way too many years trying to figure out ‘life stuff’ – but I’m pretty sure I’ve finally figured it out! And I love to share what I’ve learned.

For years, I took jobs because I thought being successful in the worlds of business and education would make me happy, or help me fit in, or increase my chances for fame and fortune. But I never really found that happiness.


Then, not so many years ago, I finally realized I was trying to squeeze myself into other people’s ideas of how I “should” be living my life. Not anymore!

I’ve been a teacher, a career counselor, a financial adviser, a crisis and suicide intervention specialist (among many other jobs), and none of those roles was remotely satisfying.

I spent years trying to find myself! I honestly didn’t know why I couldn’t find what I really enjoyed in life – until I encountered the Law of Attraction. (And because I’m a truth-teller, I also found the other eleven Universal Laws, which are the actual catalysts that make the Law of Attraction work. Without the whole package, it’s no wonder most people thing LOA sucks.)

Talk about having a light bulb moment. Finally I found a way to create my own happiness.


I’m inspired by many wise teachers such as Rhonda Byrne, Mike Dooley and Abraham (as transcribed by Jerry and Esther Hicks). They helped me uncover my own limiting belief-structures and biases – the ones that previously stopped me from truly knowing myself. I realized that self-imposed limitations, while comfortable, cause roadblocks to knowing the important inner truths.

Your beliefs have caused your limitations, but you have infinite possibilities before you!

Coaching sessions and workshops with me can help you move from merely dreaming – to actually reaching your fondest goals. And the changes can happen more easily and quickly than you could ever imagine!

With my hard-won personal insights and experience, I’m ready to guide you towards becoming Your Own Best Self.

I invite you to click below and request your free 20-minute Discovery Consultation.

In the Spotlight

My Credentials

I’m a Certified Law of Attraction Coach.

I hold a Master’s degree in Education with a specialty in Guidance and Counseling.

I have a Bachelor of Music Education degree and taught vocal and piano students for many years.

Years experience

Advanced degree

Degrees in all



What People are Saying

“Inspiration and Encouragement”

“You, lovely lady, radiate energy that motivates and drives people to step up to their best. You feel like someone who has tapped into the framework that undergirds this beautiful change we're inventing while raising up your community to the higher standard of Being, and inspiring others to connect with their gifts and magic along the way. You inspire and encourage all of us to shine in a very real way!”

Amanda Wolf-Hara

“Compassion and Integrity”

“Peggy helped me discover the mental blocks of self-doubt that prevented me from seeing opportunities to create success with the skills I have. Rather than merely identifying these blocks, she gave me tools and processes to work my way through them. Peggy gave me permission to discover my deepest gifts in my own time and space. Because she actively listens, she kept me focused on what I wanted my life and business to be, instead of on what I didn’t want. Rather than handing me solutions, she allowed me to create my own path to success. Peggy coaches with compassion and integrity, and I highly recommend her to anyone ready to move into their highest purpose.”

Suzanne Gochenouer



“You must make an appointment with Peggy. She is a very skilled listener. She uses that skill to ask questions that open up a new perspective to the theme you are pondering. You will see more clearly after you talked to her. Believe me!”

Manuela Rohr

"Honest Feedback"


“If you need someone to listen honestly and without judgement and to give real and thorough feedback, this is the gal for you!”

Becca Panther-Ladd




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Private Sessions

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Meet the Team

Peggy and Tom have been a team since 1981.

Peggy Shafer

Tom Shafer

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